Friday, August 2, 2013

My Trip to AGPlace Denver/Vlog

Wow! I am back! After endless hours of driving, and many rest stops ;) - we made it back to our state! Woot woot!

I had SO much fun on this Denver trip. Denver is an awesome place to have a vacation. Between the random little coffee shops, large shopping malls, cottontale rabbits running around, lots of flowers, and foggy gray weather ( a big YAY for me!) there lies a store better than any other..... the American Girl store!

Now Denver is the smallest AG store. BUT WHO CARES?!?

I got to meet the lovely Jessie from "My Thoughtful Spot". How exciting! 

But wait a minute, I said we would do a vlog? Right? Okay, then lets star back to the beginning!



We woke up at 5:00 AM and drove out. We were there early afternoon. For lunch we ate at "Chipotles". They use all organic food to create tacos/burritos/burrito bowls. I had a burrito! With guacamole, lettuce, chicken, black beans, white rice, mild salsa, and something else. :) Normally, I would get cheese and sour cream, but since I recently became lactose intolerent, I can 't have any. :(

Guess what. Guess. Our hotel was 4 minutes away from the AGPlace! We drove up to our hotel to get checked in. Sadly they weren't ready for us. I guess we were just ready for the pool. The nice outdoor pool. Large pool. Ah. {Sadly we didn't get the chance to swim that day, it was raining}

So while we were waiting, our dad said we could go to the AG store. I was stoked! We drove up the drive way, and you should of hear my siblings and I SCREAMING OUR HEADS OFF. Yup!

We got in. Had fun. Took no pictures. xD I actually bought like $100 worth of things (with my own money) for Christmas gifts for my friends and family.

We had a 4:00 dinner (shopping makes you tired!) at the restaurant across the street. I had the best turkey sandwich EVER! Yum!

Anyway. That afternoon we relaxed, and then I ended the night with a horrible migraine. :(



This was an awesome day!

I woke up at eight. I watched endless food network shows. We went to Sarbucks to get something for breakfast. I took a Tazo iced tea.

Ready for crummy photos? Everyone knows that AG has horrible lighting.

SO. Jessie and I were meeting at 10:30, but we both arrived at 10:00 for some unknown reason. xD Anyway, enjoy my views on the photos, etc,

Our hotel was the Inverness. Def. recommend it!

The hotel overlooked a golf course.

Ok, so here was one of the window displays. Horrible lighting. But I posted it anyway, because #59 and #60 were in it.

There is #55! Love that chair.

Here we are! A decent shot from the front of the AGPlace.

Is Caroline stunning in this picture or what? I love her here. LOVE her!

And her sheer perfectness.

This is a decent picture. I was thinking about getting the backrounds. Love the whole look! What I didn't like, is that the Ruffle Hoody Outfit was the the benefit sale for $12 and here it was for $28.

I want that ski outfit. Period.

Nope. Nothing amazing.

I bought my sibling the 2-1 track outfit because she wanted it so bad. Very cute set!

I just love the little shoes. xD

Beautiful <3 (not the photo, he he)

Another scene.

Costumes? I don't think so! -_-

The Gala scene. The piano was so cool!

My sibling wanted this "game" set so bad. She wants to save up. I guess she can't spend a fraction of her $550. xD

{Now I just want to let you know I took over 200 photos at the AG Place, but just decided to not post a ton.


This set retired for a little while, NOW IT IS BACK!

Little totes. I liked the red ones from last year.

It took so long for me to decide on an orential doll. Now do you think I got a doll?

Pretty dollie!

The exclusives to me are plain ugly. Yuck.

$16 pairs of shoes anyone?

This helmet was amazing quality!

A very unflattering picture of saige.

And her GIANT balloon.

This set is ADORABLE! I loved it so much.

The tunic outfit was so ugly in person. Sorry girls!

My sibling got like 3 t-shirts from this station. xD

All the hair accessories! I was tempted to get one for Rebecca!


Mini dolls!


I honestly, just want all the clothing.....

THIS dress is back!

"Momma can I get this?"

Look at me momma! I am going to school!

My sibling got this outfit!

I did this weird affect on my camera, and got this.; xD

JESSIE! Stop being so amazing!

Saige was WAY shorter than me.

While I was there, THREE snack carts sold. xD

I got this set from a friend for $12!

Free shirt! Oh wait, you have to buy a $24 shirt before. xD

Jessie and I were trying to figure out what these were.

Breakfast set!

All the options!

Got this lady in action!


Family shot. xD

What is that?!?

I will finish my vlog tomorrow. xD I am pooped.


    Caroline and it looks like.. 25, 60 or 42? I cant tell.. and a box..

  2. So very cool! Everything looks great, but I have to admit mini Coconut and Meatloaf have me all a flutter. :-D

  3. Wow! Looks like a fun, fun time! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos! :)

    Katie/Adollable Dolls