Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Thoughts on the New Releases

It is early in the morning, before school - I better get this posted fast! :)

Hope everyone is having a fun time, and most of all learning something!

As all of you know, American Girl released new AG items for their fall line. The next new line will be released 2014. I am incredibly dissapointed with American I feel like everything is very childish and icky. BUT lets see in detail. :)

{This is what I think, you might have different thoughts}

The polar bear PJs. What in the world is with animal PJs? Sure it looks "cute" but nothing that I would want to own in my personal collection.

Coconuts PJs. Okay, so they sorta followed a trend here. If you look on Pinterest a lot, then you know that leggings under shorts are super "in". I would be interested in just purchasing the simple yet stunning flats, and possibly the shorts.

Okay, so here we have "something" trendier.  Leggings (yes!), boots (yes!), jacket (so ugly, but I will deal with it for the sake of my naked dolls)..... so yes.... maybe this set will join with me some how. :)

This red dress is adorable! Sure, it is babyish! - but for once I kinda like it.


I want those shoes and skirt so so bad. But I might never get t his outfit, because the shirt is horrid!

There are so many new items, and so many new (larger) prices to look at. :} I am not impressed, but glad with the selection! I will be making an AG order within a month or so, or possibly waiting for the cyber Monday sale.


  1. Love your review! Very honest.
    The one outfit I hope to get is the Coconut Fun Outfit. It can join a few other Coconut outfits in our collection.
    The Fair Isle Set also seems nice. [After a cold day outside you can switch to the slippers from the Polar Bear PJs - they seem to match.]
    The Brocade Holiday Dress is lovely. It's my favorite of the two holiday dresses, but after seeing all the great dresses on the Etsy sites...

    1. Thank you Melody!
      I agree. Right now the Brocade Holiday dress is not atthe top of my list, but that might change, if I go see it in person.

  2. I got to see most of these items in real life, and I agree with everything. The top for the sparkly, purple outfit is horrid. Literally, the "glitter" is just a piece of felt/fabric that is hanging off of the shirt. -_- I really thought that they would release a new historical this year, or at least some items for the historicals. :/ Might as well get to sewing now!

  3. I agree with most of your reviews!
    The Polar Bear Outfit is okay to me because i love the top (I mean seriously, I have to have that part), but the pants are just like every other ag pet pants.
    The Coconut Fun Outfit is probably one of my most favorites!
    The Frosty Fair Isle outfit is ok to me, I am just glad the sweater is not pink.
    The Sparkly Sequin outfit adorable to me, the only part I hate about it is that they mixed sequins with lace.
    They should have just picked one or the other.


  4. I think that all of the online bloggers who are into American Girl dolls are forgetting that most of us are MUCH older than the targeted age range. American Girl is geared toward 6-12 year olds, and I think that (as a general statement) the majority of us are 12+. That is why we are starting to find American Girl to be too childish or not trendy because I can tell you (I have several younger sisters) that all of the new releases are VERY trendy and stylish for the age range.

  5. Hey Angelique! I haven't read this post yet (so sorry) I've been pretty busy. :P But I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award!

  6. I messed you back on YT, just so ya know!


  7. Hi Angelique <3
    I love the new items!
    I nominated you for an award! I hope you like it.
    Pretty Lilly