Thursday, August 15, 2013

Leah in her itz Purple Bedroom.

{This post is with Leah {*cough* my new Mckenna doll} describing and introducing her life in her own words.}

Hi everyone!

I am Leah Amber Woods. I am 14 years old, and I am just like my mom. {Fun, flirty, loves shopping, girly, a saver  spender, and have a lot of friends}. I am new to this "doll family"- and I can't wait to tell you about me. (:

I am going to be helping my mom review an Itz Purple Dollhouse. A high quality fold-able doll house. The house arrived about a week or so ago, and was delivered on our doorstep. It was a large rectangular box, and that incredibly thin. I wasn't there at the time (like I said, I am still new here), but mom tells me she was so excited! It took her a 10 minutes to open the box, but when she did, she set it up n 7 seconds, and let us admire it.

First off. You need pictures. I can't start talking until you know who I am.

Yup, there's me. The pretty carmel colored hair beauty you see lying on her amazing polka dot bed.

Haha. ;)

Blogging {like my mom} is one of my favorite things to do. 

Aside from blogging, I like trying out new things. Like doing product reviews with my mom. This fold-able doll house from Itz Purple is amazing! A perfect little room for me. ;)


This fold-able doll house is two things, my bedroom, AND an ice-cream parlor! My favorite treat, that I can now devour!

A closer look at this beauty. My laptop. Also known as *er* "the loptop". 

My walls are white with stripes and bright flowers. I love it. Did I mention I am a girly girl? I guess not. Well. I am a girly girl!

The walls are one inch thick, and are a thick cardboard covered in laminate kind of a material. {look, there is me!}

Here is the outside. It is great quality. So nicely detailed, and very realistic. 

My bed fits perfectly in the space. I can even walk around, and store my other objects.

I know, I know. Not the best picture. But you get the point. The doll house is large.

The doll house is about 2 and a half feet tall.

The sidewalk was even decorated! We loved all the "chalk" creations, and the faint marks. Looks like emily signed her name already!

The floor is a washable (stain free, yay!) laminate type material that holds together (and folds), very well.

We love this doll, house and you will too!

Very well made!
Very easy to store your doll house.
Awesome color choices.
Good sizing.

Remember to check out the link: 


  1. she lives in an ice cream shop? XD
    Leah is pretty lucky. Im glad you decided to keep her ;)