Friday, July 12, 2013

Zebra Print Leggings! :)

I am very very tired! I just had about 8 Etsy orders yesterday (thank you!) and I had to wrap them all this morning. (:

Anyway. Aside from being on Etsy all the time, I was searching the internet when I realized my addition to leggings. You can wear them with dresses, sweater dresses, a t-shirt, shorts, pretty much anything! TO ME they add so much pizzazz to an outfit!
110613-leggings-topshop  Leggings  striped tregging/ white blouse

Leggings <3

So that is when I searched "American girl leggings" in the etsy search engine. I ended up buying a lot of leggings, INCLUDING these wonderful zebra print leggings, from Made by Momo.

So here are my pictures:

These were a polyester type fabric, but the other ones I received were a stretch knit (more on that later).

Lovely! I liked the cropped capri style. Good quality, great service, and we LOVED the way it was wrapped! :D (high five for tissue paper!)

Thanks! :)


  1. Ya gotta love leggings! ;) Those zebra are absolutely adorable! :D

    Hey..any updates on the Peeta doll? I *might* be going to the AG Place this weekend and I won't be able to check the internet. :( Anyways, I am so excited!! :D

    1. Totally agreed! :D

      I don't have him yet. I have been so busy, I havn't been able to pick him up. Lets talk base after your FUN weekend! :)
      Which store? :D

    2. :D Nothing is for sure yet, but it might be the Houston store! :)

  2. Those zebra leggings are adorbs! Zebra print is awesome! :)

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