Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tips and Tricks for Buying from EBAY

I will be doing a mini series, trips and tricks for buying from ____________. Today it is EBAY.
Now when people are looking for things, they tend to first start with Ebay. Ebay is known for crazy good deals, crazy bad deals, horrible ebay protection, and many fees if you wish to sell (around 9%).


Here are a few tricks and tips on finding the things you need (or the things you don't even know you needed!) for the right price.

{Make sure you type american girl into the  EBAY search engine box}

1. Press "newly listed" and"buy it now only". This will show the deals for people that want to sell their items fast, and sometimes for a reasonable price. A lot of BIN handmade items will also be in that section. So scroll down, be patient, and SPLURGE when you see it.

2. Then, press "ending soonest", and "auction only". These are the smaller bidding wars, that sometimes people over look.

3. DO NOT SHOP ON SUNDAYS. Sundays are very hectic, and you think you are getting a new deal, but you are most likely not!

And.... HAVE FUN! :)

Here are my Ebay finds for the day!

Ruthie's Play Outfit BIN for $12, using my first tip. 

Nicki's outfit (partial) using my 2nd tip!