Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photography Tips 101 {and a review!}

I love taking pictures. 

I LOVE taking pictures.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures.

Got the point? ;)


I am by NO way a professional, and I am not as good as most of you. But it was requested, and so I took Saige and a lovely outfit from !

Please remember, that it is the WAY you take photos. NOT the camera (but it does help ;}) I have a $120 camera.

Tip #1
Setting. Make sure you don't have a car in the back of your photo. A rubber ducky.  Have a nice setting that helps the look of the outfit (or doll). 

I also like to make sure that my doll is not always looking at the camera. 

Tip #2
Lighting is ALWAYS hard! But being outdoors helps a TON!

Tip #3
BOKEH! One of my favorite things to try and do. A lot of more expensive cameras have a switch that can "make that happen". But I don't have one. Work hard, play around with the settings and camera, and try it out. It rarely works. But when it does. it = PERFECTION 

Tip #4
Unique angles. :)
Be you.
Be random, weird, goofy, professional, lovely, unique, romantic, YOU!

Photos are you.

I couldn't of done the above photo shoot with just any outfit! 

18Boutique is an amazing shop with lots of reasonable outfit/separates, that are simple, but have great quality.

Simplicity is an art. Patty went above and beyond.

Your items come wrapped in plastic packaging, to ensure a clean outfit. Loved how simple!

The outfit quality is amazing. AMAZING! So well done. Clean cut. Not one thread loose. ;)

Perfect fit. Perfect price. Perfect customer service!
Guess what!?! Do YOU like this dress?
You cna buy yours! She has an extra in her shop.

Thanks Patty. :)


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review! It was a pleasure to work with you. I would love to offer all of your followers and fans free shipping for the rest of July. Just enter the coupon code DOLLSTORY at checkout for free shipping.

    Thanks again, Patty

  2. Beautiful pics! The first one is amazing! The dress is cute! :)

    Katie/Adollable Dolls

  3. Bokeh has to do with depth of field... can you adjust the depth of field on your camera?

    If you have a "portrait mode" on your camera, this might help in creating Bokeh... because most of the portrait modes have shallower depths of field :)

    You've absolutely got a lot of the right ideas though, your changing angles and different viewpoints are always refreshing to look at... you take an enjoyable photograph, for sure XD


    1. Thanks for the help Heather! :)
      I will go and investigate. ;)

  4. Thank you so very much for your tips. I love the pictures you have here they are so vibrant and unique.
    The dress is beautiful.