Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You = inspirational to me!

You really are! :)

Thank you for all of your sweet words. They continue to help me get thru my troubles....and they inspire me with more dolly fun!

You girls don't know how much you mean to me! Just taking a few minutes to write your thoughts meant a lot.

A few updates:


Katarina and Jessica got lost on their ways to Doll Diaries Camp.

Jessica: Are you sure you know where you are going?
Katarina: Not really, but I have to try! I think we are going south!
Jessica: Why are we so late?
Katarina: Mom, was really busy, and completely forgot about Camp Doll Diaries!
Jessica: Forgot? How could she! I probably already missed their fashion show. :{
Katarina: Your kidding right? We are going to go canoeing, and eat marshmellows, and do some fun stuff!

You think this door has any meaning?

Uh, Katarina, the door says "Please enter : for CampDollDiaries"

Ok, then, straight ahead!!


Also update on the dolls:

#25: Might be sold to a Youtuber, and is also on Ebay!
#53 might be sold to Chloe (Chloe the video is up)
and #39 and Josefina already sold.
I am also selling a Chrissa doll..... she is on Ebay.


Pinterest <3

Brown wedding Inspiration from Facebook


Giveaway should start soon! <3


  1. Haha! Poor gals got lost :( Glad they made it though!! :)

    ~London W. Baker

  2. Aw, you named her after me? :) I guess she does look exactly like me though. And I love the photos from Pinterest!

  3. They got lost! :) Glad they found Camp DD in the end.

    Adollable Dolls

  4. Cute story! :) Could you please give me a link to the Ebay listing with Chrissa? Thanks!

    1. Yes here is the link:

  5. Thanks! Just watched the video and commented. Thanks for your help!