Thursday, June 6, 2013

Updates, and RULES for Writing Contest

I need to explain the Writing Contest a little better.

1. No bad words.
2. Can be historical, modern day, etc.
3. You MUST use the photo options I have given you.
4. There will only be me and Laura (Closet4chloe) judging. You must make us want to read more!
5. No more than three paragraphs. (no less than one) The longer the better!
6. NOT a whole story. (that would be too fast).
7. You can either "describe the girl", or "start" a story. ______Example: It was a sunny morning in Fairfielld......__________
8. Send in your story asap!
9. and most of all.......HAVE FUN!

We want to be intrigued. Make your story unique, and have FUN!!

Hope this helps. :)

If it didn't, then I really need to start working harder comment below with your questions. ;)


  1. Does that mean I should write something else? I'm super confused....

    1. No, it is just the rules linked to the previous post. What are you confused about?

    2. I think I understand. See when I first read the previous post I didn't read about 'choose one of the photos' part, so if you miss part of the post, you don't get the full info.

    3. I was just not understanding what the rules were, and such but after I posted the comment I figured it out.