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Spring 2013 Fashion Fling Contest - final results!

Wow, I am so sad this came to an end! :( I had SO much fun! :) BUT I have more contests, giveaways, and such like it, coming soon! :D
Also, just because "this" fashion fling contest is over, you may not steal the idea for your blog. Thank you! :D
Everyone did great, and I had such a hard time deciding who would win 1st place, etc. It means nothing against you if you didn't win a prize. Sadly for this contest we have 6 prizes, and 11 people. We wish you the best of the luck! ;) {May the odds be FOREVER in your favor!}
Onto the results:

Entry from: Sparkle Studios

Chose this outfit because I loved the way everything had the theme of royal blue and white and black, I love the way the skirt is the main focus and the jacket accents the white top to make it not so plain, the hat gives it texture and I love how the little blue heart necklace pulls the whole thing together. ~Sparkle

Jessica's Thoughts: The photo quality isn't the best, but you did a good job on the outfit. Congrats on making it to the final round!

The Spicey's Thoughts: Oooh - we love this one! This outfit is so sophisticated and elegant , perfect for a special occasion! The mini skirt is great for warm weather, but the fun floral print keeps it classy! The color pallet for this ensemble is right on- love how everything is neutral but still beautiful! We only wish the photos were a little clearer and brighter so we could get a better look at this fabulous outfit. This is so stylish and wonderful  - keep up the good work!

MY Thoughts: Such a fun outfit! Your doll is such a fashionista. We wish the photos could be lighter though.


Entry from: Jessie #2

Taylor and Sophie are posing with Sophie's older sister, Felicity at her high school graduation party! The girls are so proud of Felicity and wore their favorite outfits in honor of the graduate. Taylor is wearing a light pink tank, a brown skirt with a tulle braided belt, and some boots, while Sophie is wearing a ivory & red patterned sleeveless dress with her favorite bow-toed sandals. Felicity loves her graduation outfit, too! Her black wrap-top dress and white floral sash look lovely on her, especially with her black sandals, and the Queen Anne bun makes the whole outfit.

I chose these outfits because it seems like all my friends are graduating high school/college this year! I took this in honor of all the graduates and put my dolls in their favorite outfits to take this picture. I love putting together outfits for my dolls, and I think Taylor's is my favorite outfit that I've made all the pieces to (except the boots). Felicity's dress and shoes are from my sister (I think the brand may be Carpatina, not quite sure though), and Sophie's dress is homemade (the sandals are Carpatina, from the yellow "Valentine" dress). Thanks so much for hosting this contest, AGMarket! (:

Jessica's Thoughts:
The Spicey's Thoughts:
MY Thoughts: Beautiful lighting, and beautiful dolls. We always love your pictures.


Entry from: Silence

Description: Nicki chose this outfit because it seemed sophisticated yet cute. It's not to much but yet not dull. She thought the flowers were a nice touch to give it some pretty, backgrounder by the mint.

Jessica's Thoughts:
The Spicey's Thoughts:
MY Thoughts: Your pictures have improved so much, and we always love the fun ways you come up with displaying them.


Entry from: Pineapple

Description: Mckenna sports a pair of distressed jeans, a peach/light pink tank top, and a lace tank top layered on top. She decided to join her sister Willow outside for some lemonade on a nice, warm, sunny day, so she decided not to wear any shoes. (Not shown in picture, because its just her bare feet) Mckenna loves the look of layers, so a lace tank top over another makes her feel comfortable, along with her "broken-in" pair of jeans. With the sun shining, especially with the searing hot heat, a glass of cool lemonade helps Mckenna relax on such a hot summer day. She loves spending time with Willow, after not getting to chat with her in a while.

Jessica's Thoughts:

The Spicey's Thoughts: We LOVE how this is a lifestyle photo, but it still showcases the outfit perfectly! Mckenna looks darling in her this ensemble  - everything coordinates well! The edgy distressed jeans are complimented by the feminine lace top - so everything balances out! Our only note would be that we wish McKenna's face was a little brighter, but it's beautiful anyway so we really can't complain! Great work!

MY Thoughts: Your pictures are so fun to look at! :D {everyone that does not know this, I ordered a custom outfit by her on the left. :D} We think it is so cute! Wish we could see even more outfits.


Entry from: Kathryn/Del/Delaney

Description: Lanie's (and mine!) all time favorite outfit is the Easy Breezy Outfit from AG! It comes with amazing seprates that mix and match very well, but looks great together. The halter top is slightly hard to get on, and the shorts are a little snug, but that's alright. The shoes are my favorite part! They look like converse! Lanie likes it because it isn't sky high in pink, it only has a little bit. :)

Jessica's Thoughts Lovely photo Kathryn! Lanie looks beautiful and I love the angle. Congrats on making it to the final round!

The Spicey's Thoughts: This is such a beautiful outfit - it looks stunning on Lanie! The colors of the top and shorts pair so well together. Also, the converse style shoes are just adorable! Our only note would be that we wish the photo showcased a little more of the doll's gorgeous outfit!

MY Thoughts: Such a pretty setting. Pretty lighting, just plain old pretty. :)


Entry from: London

It was real hard when we began thinking of the outfit for this round. We began rummaging and ransacking all of our clothes. We then remembered a video we watched that said to try starting with shoes. So we decided on my favorite cowgirl boots and so we finally decided on a chic-country gal kinda look. The dress is a gorgeous combination of purple butterflies with a green leafy pattern skirt along with beautiful white lace and a white bow. The slouchy purple hat really ties it all in and adds the chic look. This is by far my favorite outfit! ..... now :P

Jessica's Thoughts: I love the setting, but the light overpowers the doll a little bit. Otherwise cute outfit and congrats on making the final round!

The Spicey's Thoughts: This is such a fun and quirky outfit - there is so much going on! The pattern mixing on the dress is super fun - olive and grape are fab colors to pair together! Also, the glasses are such a fun touch and totally add a different look to the outfit! The photo seems a little underexposed, but the location is spot on. All in all, great work! We love this unique outfit!

MY Thoughts: We really felt like the picture you showed us last round could have brought you first place! This is sweet.


Entry from: Katie

Nadia is ready for the summer in this stylish outfit!  It has a light pink high-low skirt, a white tank, a khaki belt, an infinity scarf with an all-over heart print, and striped flip-flops.  It is perfect for that special occasion such as a graduation, dinner at a restaurant, church, or a fancy party.  She will stay cool yet look fashionable in this outfit.
Why I Choose this Outfit: I choose this outfit because I just love it!  It is adorable and is something that I would wear if it was in my size.  It is very pretty and perfect to stay cool in on those sticky, hot, summer days. 

Jessica's Thoughts: Beautiful as always Katie! I don't really know what else to say - there is nothing to critique!

The Spicey's Thoughts: This outfit is so femmine and gorgeous - we would wear it in a heartbeat! The skirt is our favorite - the ballerina slipper color and the fun hi-low hem is too cute! Also, we love how you kept the colors soft and sweet - pastels are always in style! The only thing we would change would be the shoes. It seems like that with the rest of the outfit being so graceful and lovely, a ballet flat would have done better than a flip flop. But seriously, this is so gorgeous, it's incredible either way!

MY Thoughts: We love how clear your pictures are. All of your pictures has shown us different aspects of photography and fashion. The photo above is amazing ^^^^^^^


Entry from: Chloe

Description: Today Kanani decided to mix and match! She also, decided to do a bit of editing to mix her hair color up! She's wearing a pink high top shoe, a bunny slipper, a purple vest, a pink tank top, some grey leggings, a purple skirt, some headphones, and a lace shrug! She's outside sniffing the beautiful flowers all around her! Have fun, and enjoy this picture of mixed matches Kanani! 

Jessica's Thoughts: What a very interesting outfit! And a colorful one. It's nice except I don't understand why she is wearing two different pairs of shoes.

The Spicey's Thoughts: First of all, WOW! The rainbow hair makes such a statement - we LOVE it! The leggings under a skirt is adorable, such a wonderful way to make it a easy outfit to wear. And the lace sleeves were such a fun addition- adding something feminine is a wonderful way to round out an outfit! Although we totally understand about layering, it seems as though a vest under a tank is a little much, especially for June! Otherwise, we love this statement making outfit!

MY Thoughts: You always bring us funky and different photos. Great job on accomplishing that! But I don't like the random shoes....maybe too punk? XD


Entry from: Flower

Molly is posing with a pretty flower in her hand! This is her newest and favorite outfit right now! Here favorites are always changing!!
Why I chose this outfit:
Well, I just made this adorable shirt and I think the applique is gorgeous!! Also I just love the shoes!! I have her hair in ponytails to give her a playful look!! She is wearing her favorite pearl necklace too! I think the skirt is very springy and looks great with the outfit! All together I think it fits in perfect! I can't wait to see what you think!!

Jessica's Thoughts: Wow, Flower, you've really improved! I love it! Congrats for making the last round! :)

The Spicey's Thoughts: Molly's outfit is such a great outfit for a summer day - sometimes less is best! The denim skirt can sometimes be a drag, but this one is updated with pleats for a more modern look! The applique is wonderful on the shirt -stars are always a fun print to wear! The only thing we wish we could fix is that we would love to get a better look at the shoes. However, this is a wonderful outfit for a hot summer's day and Molly looks so cute in it!

MY Thoughts: I agree with Jessica! Cute photos.


You all did amazing. I don't even know if I could of gotten this far, myself. Congrats on being even more of a photographer then when you started, and I hope we all learned a little something. ;) FASHION!

Here are the results:

FIRST PLACE: Congrats - JESSIE #2 for winning first place!
{You win 123MulberrySteetOutfit}

Second Place: Katie from Adollable Dolls!
{You win Releaserain boots and bubble skirt!}

Third Place (we wanted to place her 2nd place, but she really wanted the Janie Jumps shorts!) PINEAPPLE
{You win Janie Jumps shorts!}

4th Place: London! {You win Katie Dorn doll food mall pack!}

5th place: Kathryn/Del/Delaney 
{You win a LostintheJungle T-shirt}

6th Place: .............Sparkle Studios!


This was SO hard! The rest of you, Silence, Chloe and Flower will get an extra entry in our June giveaway!

Congrats to our winners! (and those who made it this far!)

You ARE ALL invited back again, if we ever have another! :D

We thank again our lovely sponsors for giving us great prizes:

You have inspired so many!

Kristi Dorn Doll Food
Janie Jumps

If you won a prize, please email me your address by Wednesday the 5th, .

Email is:

Thanks again, and great job!

This was a big step for my blog to take.....thanks for taking it with me! :)


  1. Congratulations to Everybody! I really want to say thank you to AGMarket and all the sponsors for hosting this contest and all the amazing prizes!

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  3. Congrats! Everyone did amazing in this last one! I enjoyed looking at everyone's entries!

    Katie/Adollable Dolls

  4. Congrats!!!!! Everyone did an AWESOME job!!!