Saturday, June 15, 2013

Katarina's New Dress, Updates, and just plain old joy. ;)

It has been SO long since I have talked to you. :)

Thank you so much for 40,000 + page views, and this is my 400th post! :D

Between teaching the four year olds at church, watching endless videos of shark tank, and tkaing care of someones rabbit (plus our three we already had), I am pooped out! ;-)

Ok, so I bought some MORE things. :} It is quite addicting (at least I am not alone).

Floral shorts

Floral. Floral. Floral. $7. Must haves!! I bought them from "Anicks Boutique".

Trendy Black White Print SHORTS for American Girl made from popular Liberty Jane Pattern

And closet4chloes awsome chevron shorts! :) My mom bought a pair in my size at We will totally have to do a post about that.

And then also, a couple Ebay steals.

Item picture

$8 for Lanie's Garden boots. :)

Item picture

I have been wanting this outfit since I was like three. I finally got it for $11! :D

What deals did YOU find? {Katie - congrats on that retired doll bike for $25!}


So whats up with my Etsy? ALOT! Items are flying thru the window!

Some new items. {More new items coming today or tomorrow}

CLEARANCE - Green AG Skirt   RESERVED Blue Mist - American Girl Outfit  SALE Navy Star Toms - American Girl Shoes


Did I mention you girls are amazing? :) Thanks for following me. <3

Also, talking about <3, I am really loving this new dress for my #53, Katarina Megann! :)

Pure pretty <3

Thanks for reading with us today!


  1. That dress is beautiful on Katarina! Looks like you also found some great deals on Ebay! :)

    Katie/Adollable Dolls

  2. Awesome purchases!!! :) Love the chevron shorts

    ~London W. Baker