Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Enter the Contest (plus other awesome update!)

Remember, to enter the contest for a free doll dress from Ruthie Loves to Sew (scroll down)

Anyone here a huge Shark Tank fan? It is when business owners share their business to the world, and 5 very wealthy investors.

I am going to one TODAY for kids. :} I am so excited!!


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  2. Sorry... I commented above, but it was in my sis' account...

    So What is Shark Tank?

    1. No problem! :)

      Look it up on google for a reviewed "on what exactly it is". :)
      It is pretty much a place for small business owners to come for a loan. Some have amazing business and others are pretty weird. ;)

  3. I'm a huge shark tank fan! Sorry i didn't see this post sooner. I like Lori the best.