Friday, May 31, 2013

Sassy Summer Sundresses! - Primrose in purple!

Oh joy! Summer is our favorite! I love it, because of flip flops, shorts, and great treats! My dog loves it because he can cool off in the sprinklers ;). But my dolls love it because of the amazing fashion SewBlessed puts out for their summer line!

My girls were SO lucky to be able to have one. Their items are made with care, and are wrapped to the max!

{Would you like to see an opening video? Check it out here:}

Here is Primrose in purple <3 The color really suits darker skinned dolls.

The dress is a simple pillow case dress, with a ribbon used as a belt. But it is beautiful! The pattern, the colors, the everything! <3 The fit is outstanding!

The accessories are adorable! A cute pink and green bracelet, and a white flower barrette (not shown) to complete this amazing spring-tastic look!

Primrose and I both agree - its a keeper! :D

1. Well made!
2. Shipping was pretty fast (took 4 days)
3. Service is so sweet! (don't you love just talking to super sweet folk?)
4. These dresses are so reasonable!


Please remember to check out their link here: