Sunday, May 5, 2013

ROUND TWO - Fashion Fling Results and next Round Theme!

Who excited? I am! Wow, we are already starting our next round! Lets see these fab photos ;)

Our judges for this round are.....

Sandra from 123Mulberry Street
and Jessica from Whispers of the Wind!


Entry from: London/Bella

Description: Upon hearing the theme 'Fit And Flare' I could think of nothing better than my fitted jeans and as I have a flare for the dramatic I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pay homage to the theatrical talent possessed by the crew of Saturday Night Live! 

Jessica's thoughts: Your entry is really creative! I love it!
Sandra's thoughts: Love how these fit so well also love the photography
AGMarket's thoughts: You are an editing master! I love her outfit. She is def. HIP! Maybe too much editing?


Entry from: Pineapple

Description: April sports her fresh new pair of black striped slacks, perfect for mixing and matching. Its paired with a funky jean jacket, a pair of light pink sneakers, and a striped sailor t-shirt. She loves her new spring outfit!

Jessica's thoughts: I love the outfit and the colors, but the angle of the photo isn't working for me.
Sandra's thoughts: I like the black and white stripe contrast with the top and jeans. The jean jacket help make it more casual.
AGMarket's thoughts: Love the angle and the outfit! (ha ha, Jess and I had different thoughts on the angles!)


Entry from: Sparkle Studios

Description: I chose this pair of shorts because I love the teal blue colour, Its so vibrant and can add a pop of colour to any outfit! I also love how detailed they are, everything is detailed down to the last belt loop.  I think the teal blue brings out the design on the purple tanktop, and the bright blue laces in the converse I paried with it. I think the  sunglasses give the outfit personality. 

Jessica's thoughts I love the outfit - it is perfect for spring/summer! - but maybe too big of a watermark?
Sandra's thoughts: Love this one! Love the colors choices. This one also reminds me of one of my outfits!
AGMarket's thoughts: She sure looks ready for Summer to be upon her! Picture quality is ok.


Entry from: Flower

Description: In my opinion these pants are kind of bland but, they fit Molly's personality. :) Also, the weather outside in early spring, where I live is still, dark and cool so I am representing my weather at this time! I made these pants out of very comfortable fabric too! :)

Jessica's thoughts: Cute photo and lovely setting, I just wish I could see the doll's front side.
Sandra's thoughts: This outfit is very cute. Like the color choices
AGMarket's thoughts: Much better Flower! :D LOVE the quality!


Entry from: Katie/adollable dolls

Description: These bold, colorful, and patterned jeans look perfect with a lace top, pink scarf, and bracelet.  Top it off with some sparkly, silver shoes and you are ready for the runway!  The scarf really pulls out the pink shades in the jeans and the lace top gives the outfit a sophisticated look. 

Jessica's thoughts:  I like that the colors really pop and the photo is great quality!
Sandra's thoughts: Love love love this one!! Great color choice for spring. Love the scarfs pop of color. Reminds me of something I might do!
AGMarket's thoughts: Here goes miss trendsetter! A great picture as always Katie!


Entry from: Mika

Description:   I choose this pair of pants because my doll, Saige, loves to spend time outside, and with the weather we're having, she needs some pants! Plus, Saige looks great in yellow! :P

Jessica's thoughts: Saige looks great in this outfit, but I wish you had included shoes and let her hair down. Also, the background isn't the greatest (there are people).
Sandra's thoughts: Love the yellow pants and black and white combo!
AGMarket's thoughts: I love the color combo, and skinny jeans are in. The outfit is amazing, but I am not liking the area.


Entry from: Chloe


Jessica's thoughts: I like the outfit and the shadow effect........ just not together.
Sandra's thoughts: Love the distressed look of these jeans
AGMarket's thoughts: Like Jessica said, her outfit is adorable, and shadow is amazing. But the picture is REALLY dark!



Entry from: Jessie #2

Description: Taylor and Maddi are very different, but they're still best friends! They are waiting outside while their parents get their cars ready for their families' annual spring trip to Yosemite. The girls are both daydreaming about what they're going to do; Taylor can't wait to go hiking with her dog, Pepper, on the trails. Maddi, on the other hand, is excited to walk around town and look at gift shops. Both girls have something in common, though: they both couldn't wait to wear their new shorts! Taylor's plaid ones are perfect for hiking--lightweight and comfy--while Maddi's khaki ones are just right for her--short and airy. They can't wait to get to Yosemite and see all the sights!

I chose these shorts because they're perfect for each of my dolls' personalities, and they're stylish and adorable! The plaid ones are handmade and the khaki ones are from a retired American Girl outfit.

Jessica's thoughts:  This photo is very professional! I love the outfits, lighting, and quality, though I don't see a reason why Coconut should be included.

Sandra's thoughts: Love the dark wash on theses skinniest!

AGMarket's thoughts: Beautiful colors! I love how you include two dolls! I am so sorry, everything I do makes the picture smaller! :(


Entry from: Del/Delaney/Kathryn

Description: Faith was having a lazy day in her poncho, skinny jeans, and boots, but I came in with the camera and made her go outside. ;)

Jessica's thoughts:  This is a beautiful photo, I just wish it wasn't sideways. :(
Sandra's thoughts: Love the distressed look of these jeans
AGMarket's thoughts: Totally my fault for being sideways :( My blog/software is not agreeing with me. Cute picture! Saige looks cute! Wish we could see the pants better.


Entry from: Heather

Description: Scout stands on a stack of AG books at the library to reach the book she wants.
(And now for the shorts stuff) These home made shorts flare slightly but fit just right on Scout.

Jessica's thoughts: 
Sandra's thoughts:
AGMarket's thoughts: The picture is very clear! Great job on quality! I don't like how cluttered everything is....we end up looking at the books, not the doll!


Entry from: Silence

Description: I think Rebecca has a great sense of fashion! She chose these pants because they fit nicely around the leg yet they flare a at the knee! Fitting your theme to the T!

Jessica's thoughts: The outfit is very chic and the lighting is flattering! But the angle doesn't complement Rebecca very well.
Sandra's thoughts:

AGMarket's thoughts: Cute outfit, very trendy! Becca looks great in glasses! I agree with Jessica.


AND PAIGE. She has a wonderful entry. I completely forgot to put up her entry. She is going to the next round


Sadly, Jessie #1, and Molly never responded, so they were eliminated! That means, ALL of your photos are going to the next round. Congrats! :D


The 3rd round is: "!" Can you incorporate a pair of LOUD and colorful shoes without making them look weird?

{You MUST have a pair of SHOES on your 18 inch doll!}


Send in your entry by SUNDAY an noon CENTRAL time. ;)


  1. AWESOME!!!! Congrats everyone!!! Just wondering why Heather and I didn't get any thoughts from Jessica or Sandra...

    ~London W. Baker

    P.S. Great job Del!!! I LOVE the outfit!!

    1. Hi! :) They didn't respond in time :( When they do respond with their answers, I will upload them ;) Great job girls!!!

    2. Ok thanks so much!!

      ~London W. Baker

  2. Great Job! You should hold another one for those of us who couldn't enter in time;)

  3. Awesome! Got to go find some shoes :D......

  4. Great job everyone!

    Adollable Dolls

  5. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I was told that today was the last day to enter. In fact, I was just about to send in my entry! So... I know this is asking a lot, but I could I please send in an entry? I understand if not--I just feel like it wasn't made clear to me. I do apologize for not responding to your email on Friday. My picture is all ready. I was literally just about to send it off.

    1. You can send it in. Sunday at noon was the last day.

    2. Thank you! Sending it now. :)
      ~Molly :)