Monday, May 27, 2013

Round Five Results (Fashion Fling Contest) AND LAST THEME!

Wow!! The week flies by! We only have these results, and the next theme left! :O This has been so much fun! Everyone is doing perfect!

Our judges sadly did not respond. :( On the next round, the Spiceys, and Jessica S, are joining us.

BUT one of our lovely Giveaway sponsors (Suzy M Studios) did say all of the photos are lovely and that Jessie #2 was her favorite.


Entry from: Silence
Description: Kanani chose this shirt because she thought it looked nice, chic, flowy, and summery. She decided to pair it with a white tank top underneath to make it a little more modest. With a jean skirt, and her meet sandals, she thought she thought she  had finished the look perfectly. She also chose this top because we got it as a review shirt from AGMarket, thanks again, AGMarket! :)
My thoughts: We love her shirt! <3 Better quality picture! Too bad a lot of light is glowing off the doll.
Entry from: Kathryn/Del/Delaney
Description: Ivy's favorite kidn of top are tunics! She has so many, and this one from Springfeild Collection is her fave top :)
My thoughts: Oh how pretty! We love this! Wish the description was longer!
{SimpleSparkleStudio's is not loading} Her items keep saying copyright.
I chose this blouse because I love how such a classic style can be so trendy. I love the ruffles on the blouse and the collar, it gives it personality. I paired it with a zipper cheetah print skirt, and black belt because I felt that the white shirt look bold in the grey and black of the rest of the outfit, and I loved the way the belt pulled it all together.

My thoughts: Oh how pretty! We love the lighting. Is the blouse a little old fashion?
{We don't know why it isn't working for you. Is it sent from an ipod? Maybe it doesn't work that way?}
Entry from: Jessie #2
Maddi and McKenna are cousins AND very good friends. McKenna loves visiting Maddi's ranch and climbing the giant trees! The girls keep cool in the warm Spring weather by wearing simple--yet stylish--outfits: Maddi in a comfy silver & white striped v-neck and purple capris, and McKenna in a sparkly, ruffly, PINK (her favorite!) tank top and khaki shorts (which she borrowed from Maddi!) They both run barefoot all day, and every day during McKenna's visit, letting the warm breeze blow through their bare toes. They both can't wait for summer!

I chose these tops because they're simple, but very cute; and match the girls' personalities beautifully. I made the silver/white one and the pink one came with my sister's doll. The shorts/capris are both from American Girl.
My thoughts: So lovely! The shirts are both unique, and match the shorts perfectly. Great lighting!
 (Why is this so small?)
Entry from: London
Description: "The top I chose for this was my gorgeous black silk halter top with blue butterflies. On the butterflies are a few sparkles and sequins that rally make this shirt pop. It pairs beautifully with my capris and new blue and white floral sneakers. Overall this outfit I believe is a great dressy casual that I would love to wear to any party! 
My thoughts: Woot woot! This is beautiful! Couldn't get better <3
Entry from: Flower
Description: I chose this shirt first of all because it was very modern and playful! I think it looks adorable paired with the jean skirt too! I thought the background (a magnolia tree) would do wonderful as well! I think Molly is so pretty in this shirt!! Also the shoes match the shirt great and altogether make it a great outfit fit for any outdoor adventure! The top and shoes are from AG while the skirt is from Build a bear!!
My thoughts: Very cute! I wish her hair was done something complete the look!
Entry from: Chloe
Description: Hello Dollie lovers! I apologize for the lack of photo quality, I take pictures with my iPod! 
Well anyway, here stands Candie, in her circley pink 70's flare tee shirt! Behind her are my neighbors ducks, they are raising them! It's kinda…strange? But there really cute! :) we edited this photo with an app, and made it colorful! Also, we chose this shirt because we wanted to go for sometting different! something… funky! I hope you enjoy this more than my photos in the past! 
My Thoughts: This is ok. We do like the editing.
Entry from: Pineapple
Description: Saige sports a tank with the words "Very Glamorous" on it, paired with a pair of super-distressed shorts. She finds this outfit quite relaxing, and loves how cartoon-ish, or funky the tank looks. (She loves to go for the artsy type of look) Saige wants a casual but still fashionable look, and a pair of distressed denim shorts were perfect! The cute tank she's wearing has a black and white, polka-dot back, and is made of a nice, soft jersey knit material. (Sorry if anyone dislikes collages...)
My Thoughts: We love the shirt! <3 (if anyone didn't know this, this was in our Etsy shop). Cute pictures! Maybe this is kinda dark? Man, those shorts are awesome!
Entry from: Katie
Description:  Nadia is ready for summer in this fun printed, red and pink, peplum top!  Add some denim shorts, strappy sandals, and a necklace and she is ready for a hot day in the sun eating ice cream or hanging out at the park.
Why I Chose this Top:  I chose this top because I really like the style, colors, and pattern.  It is the perfect top for summer.  Plus, peplum is all the rage right now.
My Thoughts: Oh, goodness! This is amazing! So beautiful.
Sadly, we had to eliminate on of you. Thank you Heather for entering, and good luck next time! Your picture didn't upload, and when It did, it was really dark. We can't wait to see you next time!
The next theme is your favorite outfit! Go out and beyond for this look! Send in you entrys by next Sunday at noon. Your doll must be wearing a complete outfit. GOOD LUCK! This is the final round, and you will be judged both on this round (mostly) and the rest of your wonderful pictures.
Here are the prices again:
1st place: 123MulberryStreet Outfit
2nd Place: Release rain skirt and boots!
3rd place: Janie Jumps shorts
4th Place: Some wonderful doll food from a great Etsy shop {Kristi Dorn!}
5th place: Lost in the Jungle T-shirt
and 6th place: Suzy M Studios
There are nine of you, and only 6 prizes. GOOD LUCK!!




  1. Wow! The last round already! I'm so excited! Everyone did a fantastic job for this round!

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  2. I know! It does so fast! We agree! Thanks for entering!!

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  4. Everyone is so very fashionable! Good luck to everyone in the final round!