Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lace Leggings, Denim Jeggings, or just plain old leggings?

So, what do you incorporate in your dolls wardrobe?

Elegant Basics will be expanding, into SWIMSUITS! {What are your thoughts?}

Also: Which of these items would you buy, and for how much?

Different colored normal leggings!

Girly girl ;)

Red and White Flower Swimsuit


What are your thoughts? <3 ya!


  1. The second outfit I would pay like 6.00 dollars... (and that's because i like bargains)

  2. Are you reselling items, or just getting ideas for what to make?

    1. Getting ideas on what to create outfits with! Sometimes, I do add uggs though to the outfit. Etsy allows us to do that. :)

    2. As you can see I foudn the perfect fabric for the leggings (the lace ones) and they are in my shop! I also have blue in them, just need to get them listed. ;)There is one dress though, the Maxi dress that was from my personal collection. My dolls just had way to many, so I am re-selling it. For half the price I bought it for. It was handmade though, so thats alright, right? :D

    3. Well...actually no. You're not supposed to sell anything on Etsy that you or one of your shop members didn't make. I feel bad that I'm telling you this, I know how fun it is to sell stuff, and I don't want to disappoint you...but that was the only item not made by you, right?

    4. Yes only one item was not made by me, the maxi dress. We are allowed to sell retired AG items, I have references. Should I take the maxi dress down?

    5. I think that would be the right thing to do :)

    6. Oh, thanks for your help. I did delete it. :)