Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dream Come True Beds - {Just plain adorable doll beds}

What makes an Etsy shop unique you might ask? Having things you don't normally find. Of course, a great customer service, great feedback, and great photos also help ;) is an amazing Etsy shop selling several different kinds of beds, and bedding sets.

These are truly unique!


Here is an interview I did with them (my questions in bold)

1. What is your most popular bed?
That would be a close contest between the American Girl Shabby Style, and the 1/6th Scale Victorian Model. Many of our beds, besides being bought by AG fans, are for newborn photo sessions and Blythe doll collectors.

2. What is your favorite doll bed you sell?
I would have to say the Victorian Style, in an antiqued finish. I prefer pink or aqua blue. :)

3. Do your items ever go on sale?
We do sometimes offer coupon codes, or make special discounts/combined shipping for customers making multiple-item orders.

4. What new items will you be adding soon?
We have a new bed style that we will be debuting soon! It's a cross between the Victorian and Retro styles that you can see in the shop. I also love making bedding from vintage linens, and I have many little pieces in the works that will be posted in the next few days.

5. Do you have any doll lovers at home?
I loved American Girl when I was younger, and still have my beloved Samantha doll, received for Christmas when I was 5 years old. My husband accuses me of playing dolls still when I set up the photos for the Etsy shop - I have way too much fun!

6. What made you start a doll bed company?
The company was actually started by my parents, my Dad is a talented welder, and for Christmas one year made my little sister a Barbie-sized metal 'hospital bed' that Mom painted white to accompany a retro style nurse Barbie she was also receiving. It was so adorable that Mom decided to create and Etsy store, and soon enough orders were coming in and new styles and sizes were being created. My fiance, Jordan, and I took over the business in 2012, as Dad had gotten too busy with his other work to keep making the beds. Now we are married and this business is currently our sole income! We are very blessed to be able to work from home together.

7. Do you have any social networks we can follow you on?
Our Facebook page is

8. Anything else you would love to tell our readers?
We love meeting people from all over the world who find so many creative uses for our beds. Please stop by and say hi!

Here is one of my favorites: {now the question is..... what's yours?}

American Girl Doll Bed Antique Shabby Chic Style Iron Metal 18 Inch Doll Bed

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