Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 Things to do this SUMMER with your doll!

Ola! :) Man, summer started here! It is 90 degrees, and I am sipping lemonade while writing this. Lets get started!

The reason I like summer, is because everyone is "relaxed" and all of my buddies would like to see me! :D {homework was kinda taking over their lives....} It won't be all fun and games for me (just because I will be going to a real school in August, so I have to do some tests, etc)....... but we can still have fun!

My dolls agree!



One thing you might want to do is wear a Maxi dress! They are SO chic!
Doll: Voilet #29
Outfit: Elegant Basics on Etsy
Backdrop: My front yard
How about {everyones favorite, I'm sure!} flip-flops? Anyone have around 50 pairs in their closet? I hope my dolls aren't the only one! :P
Easy breezy beautiful ^^^^^^
Include your pets in your summer fun!
{Wondering why Malvasia.......her dog..... is looking kinda soggy? She went swimming in the fish pond! Just joking! :D}

Ok. I took this picture after I ate a few bites! :P - Saige
You do notice that says Lip Balm? - Rebecca
Yeah, totally, ......I totally knew that! :D - Saige
Isn't this swimsuit amazing? <3
Josie was so lucky to be able to wear it!
Her amazing swimsuit (that you have heard so much about both on my blog and Katie's Adollable dolls blog) is from Mena Bella. Their items are exceptional quality, and the items arrived PERFECT. Everything was so well sewn, and clean!
And of course, this fits in our theme of "SUMMER", you need the perfect swimsuit while you swim! SO, check out Mena Bella for high quality, incredibly reasonable swimsuit sets.
Ours came with some sandals, and a matching beach bag! Everything is funky and fresh, and oh did I mention, perfect for summer? :D
SO well made!
Easy to get on!
Something truly unique (let me ask you.... have you seen something like this? ;)
Very reasonable!
Two day shipping!
Was this fun, or what?
Have fun this summer girlies!



  1. Yes...a maxi dress is on our list of things to buy...

    1. We agree! They are easy and amazing! :) We could always make a deal......

  2. Josie looks lovely in her swimsuit! ;) Where did you get the green flip flops?

    Adollable Dolls

    1. Thank you ;) As does your doll! The ones on Josie are from Mena Bella, the other ones are retired AG!

  3. Mena Bella is amazing! I love her attention to detail! Btw, I started a doll blog call Simply Dollightful! Check it out here at

    1. We agree! Nice blog! Thanks for following us! :)

  4. I wish we had your weather here right now! :( It's rainy and in the fifties. :(

    Katie/Adollable Dolls

    1. Aww :( But it gets hot here! Like 105! I don't envy it all the time!