Saturday, April 27, 2013

How does Josefina look in a white Alison Love dress? Find out BELOW! (Review!)

Lets take a look at 

Adorable and perfect for historical or modern girls.

I received this dress and totally felt that Josefina would be PERFECT in it. With her hair down she looks like a hispanic bride/Kaya. Of course this is not a "Josefina/1840 style dress" BUT with her long hair, she could look like Pocahontas for the day in England. ;)



The dress is a whtie cotton with a pretty floral design in the middle, to add some unique-ness! I love the pom-poms that float around the bodice and dress. A tiny silk ribbon at the end of the sleeves to match, and you have this stunning mix of unique-ness yet a wedding vibe!

The dress goes to the floor. 

See the detail on the bodice? So lovely!

The sleeve (below) has a satin finish!

Everything was so well made! The outfit included : Dress, over shirt, and bloomers!

Want good quality outfits that last a life time? (I put this on several dolls and they all loved it!)

Then check out Alison Love's Worktable for a complete modern or historical look!


We love it, and so will you! :)

Shipped fast!
Extreme service, just so sweet!
Looks great on any doll.

Nothing here :)

Thank you Alison! Good luck to you and your lovely shop! :)