Monday, April 15, 2013

Doll Hoodies vs Pinterest Hoodies

Hoodies are trendy! From the girly girl to the gangster. *cough*. Everyone has one! :D

Today we will be looking at Doll Hoodies from Releaserain and then compare them to real life hoodies, from Pinterest!

Releaserain Doll Clothes Outfit Black Raised Dots Faux Fur Long Hoodie Zip Up Jacket Coat for 18" American Girl dolls

This black hoodie is soft, and long.

Lets take a look and see if we can find something similar!

OnePiece® Girl Ripper Zipper Black Hoodie

Similar, but not perfect.


Releaserain Doll Clothes Outfit White Raised Dots Faux Fur Hoodie Zip Up Jacket for 18" American Girl dolls

Wow, these are really starting to look COZY.

White hoodie


So, yes, Releaserain is doing very good fashion wise!!


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