Friday, April 5, 2013

Adirondack Chairs Review with Brooke!

Or should I say Amber Lane Gifts and Crafts?

Brooke (re-named Chrissa, found at Goodwill) is being my model today. I have to say, who WOULDN'T want to be my model, when you have such beautiful and comfy chairs?


Brooke went outside to enjoy the bright sun, and the bold blue sky. She was celebrating! SPRING was here, why not get a tan?
I cannot believe how well made this set is! SO white, So clean, SO strong! Perfect for outside or indoor weather. ;)

She sat down on her three piece set of white Adirondack Chairs, and started to fall asleep.

Here is the side. the chair is NOT to tight, nor big, just perfect.

{see what I mean? I felt like joining her!}

The side table was ADORABLE! Sometimes, I use it by my dolls bed, to hold her alarm clock, and other trinkets.

Overall, I am super duper impressed!
Thank you Katie for the amazing opportunity!

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  1. Wow! do you get to keep them? those chairs look so pretty like patio chairs! so pretty! i love them and i love thhis blog! it rocks!

    LOve Hannah M