Wednesday, April 24, 2013

110 Followers and changes to the quick giveaway!

I noticed you girls REALLY loved the giveaway with CameolotTreasures. First off, thank you for your sweet wishes on my birthday. I got two dolls, and Etsy gift card, and some money to make a large AG order.....And my birthday party is May 4th! I was so surprised by all of the lovely cards and emails I got from my friends and sponsors. Thank you :)

I realized that most of you don't get off school early enough to enter the giveaway. SO rewind. Everyone that commented on that post will get put into the giveaway BUT the first three commenters will get several entries. Winners will be revealed on Friday, I think.

AND, thank you for 110 followers :) You girls (are there guys in this crowd?) are amazing!

Have a great day......



  1. You mean 111 followers? Because I am a follower of your blog now! Can I enter the giveaway? If you say yes,I'm going to enter it now!

  2. I alreay entered the giveaway. Does that count???