Sunday, March 17, 2013

Suzy M Studios, 102 Followers, and please remember to vote for me!

Hello y'all!

How is everything? :) Sorry for the lack of posting, I was on a one day vacation, now I am tad bit sick, and {BIG NEWS} (wait for it....) WE ARE MOVING! :) Really excited!

Let us get started!


First off, thank you SO much for 102 followers! It made my morning to see it. :)

I am bring Rebecca with me to Las Vegas. I will do like a photo diary. :) Watch for that one!

My Youtube is getting back in the hang of posting videos.

If you want to see an opening video of an outfit from Alison's Worktable (for a later review) and a photoshoot of a dress on Saige, go here:

Please remember to vote for me here: I am #'s, #56, #55, #54. THANK YOU! :-)


Suzy M Studios, is an amazing pattern shop! I LOVE their sweater patterns. Suzy gave me a pattern to work with, and I will get to that during our Sewing month (August, or so).

PDF Pattern Open Shoulder T-Shirt and Dress  This is darling! my siblings really like the grey shirt piece, (at the bottom of the pattern).

A-Line Skirt AGD - PDF Pattern      Pdf Pattern - Pillowcase and Halter Romper - American Doll Size

So many patterns, which ones to choose??



Have a great day! :) Tomorrow is vacation time (I have some posts scheduled).

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