Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Addy's day to the Library! - A review with DreamWorld Collections!

Sorry girls! It has been awile since I have posted. Don't worry though! I have plenty of posts coming to a blog near you! :-)

Dreamworld Collections is a company with a lot of stripes, polka dots, and FUN! Their clothing is mostly girly girl, and creates and amazing scenery for your outfit.

Recently Dreamworld Collections sent me this plaid and blue outfit. First thing that comes to mind is a school girl! Add some heels, and she could go to dinner!

You can see the link here:  {The dress is on sale for a limited time}


You have not see many pictures of my Addy doll, not until today. I LOVE this dress on her! Blues POP on her. :)

Addy just came back from the library with these books.

This navy dress is a light cotton and short sleeved, perfect for summer mornings! 

The detail is incredible! From the flowers on top, to the embossed white belt also made of flowers.

So, with all of that being said, this is a beautiful dress, with good quality, and FAST service!'

The outfit is shipped straight from Amazon, it takes 3-6 days.

Easy to pack, easy to fold!
Very chic, but yet fun! Perfect for all seasons!
The dress is a good price! {On sale!}
The service is AMAZING! Thank you Edyta!

The belt is VERY detailed, which is great, BUT also very thin. One of the flowers broke off already.

If you have any questions, comment below!


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