Thursday, February 7, 2013

97 Followers, and Part two of the Songs of Hope review!

Hi! :)

I have been addicted to AG Playthings recently. :O Not exactly, great, eh? :)

I cannot believe  we have 97 followers! This is HUGE! I need to find out how long I've been on this blog, Its been long, so I forgot. :P

Here we GO: Part two:


Part two of the amazing Songs of Hope outfit they sent us. The shirt is WARM for those breezy mornings.

The shirt is made of a warm cotton/fleece material. 

It has mid length sleeves.

I have had the outfit for 3 months, and it has only gotten this fuzzy.

All lines are well done.

The velcro is a brighter pink then the pink on the shirt, but it still works.

My dolls LOVE it! :)

Songs of Hope has great quality items for a reasonable cost!
The shirt is pure adorable!
The seams are well finished, great quality!

May not go with the jeans very well?

Love the look! :) Check out Songs of Hope on Etsy:


Thanks girls! :) Here are some "sneak peaks" for tomorrow!

I saw Saiges ENTIRE collection! :) I will post what I saw, with pictures, etc.

My rabbit Butterberry! :)

"Rebecca and Voilet need help cleaning"

Thanks again to all that comment! <3 you!

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