Saturday, December 22, 2012

Plans for life/AG - and Holiday Updates!

Hello again girls! :)

Do any of you just love Youtube? I  have some favorite channels for SURE! Go check out! I love her videos and she is SO sweet! :D

So, plans for life.

Most of you know I would like to run my own business, and be a wedding planner. :) (Yes, I can do your wedding for you). XD

Some beautiful Wedding items!

Top five wedding dresses (on my list).

Femme      wedding dress    feather wedding dress

Hunger Games Wedding - fun find!   lace back wedding dress Which one is your favorite, least favorite, thoughts?

Bridemaids dress:

All ten bridemaids in this!! :)   or Style Me Pretty #552082


winter cake inspiration   or White Rose cake - :D

With all of that being said, I think that being a wedding planner will be quite some fun (yet stressful!).


Doll Plans for Life

Yes, I am not going to be young forever. I don't want to be a person that spends, spends, spends on AG things and then turns 18 and says "NO" to dolls. SO, I have figured I would like to be an adult collecter, like several people I know.

My parents have not put a doll limit on me, they feel that it is MY money and I should o what I would like with it, with that being said - I HAVE to put some limits, or I will be poor. :D

I feel like 15 dolls is good, though another 20 {Including a custom boy doll and custom girl doll} and a  are on my wishlist. I need to narrow it down.

Here are pictures of all the dolls that I LOVE! Maybe you can help me out??
Everyone LOVES Mia! :)

She would be Charlottes mom. :)
Basilmentos has me hooked on her! :)

As Josephinas Mother!

Katrina Samantha Rubin (Rebecca sister)
My new addiction :) She would be Felicitys friend, replacing Elizabeth.

Isabelle Rosanna Anderson

Ivy :)

Autumn ___________ (same as below)

Harper April _______ {Can't say last names for private reasons}

Look who is adorable! :) 
Eve Carly Robinson

Willow Dawn ________ (same as above, they are all sisters)
Rose Isabella Castilla (from Spain)
Katarina Megean Anderson
Evangaline Margret Rose Rubin

Sonali Look a like

And of course Saige Copeland! :)


So, what are your thoughts? I would love to hear them! Comment below. :) If you have the dolls, I would love reviews, etc. Thank you!

Holiday news.

The dolls had their party, but you will hear about that later! :D

My parents, my siblings, and I are having our Christmas party tomorrow night! So excited! My mom hides the presents and then gives us clues to where they are and we have to try to find them. :D

HUGE partys everynight! Got to go clean the house {You all know how that goes!}

Have a great day!



  1. Awesome! I love the wedding dresses <3 I think Ruthie and Rebecca would make good sisters too. My AG wishlist would be MAG 22, Emily and Julie. But I can't get any more :( My mom says 3 is enough.

  2. My favorite dress is the Katniss one! I like the purple bridesmaid dress, and the red velvet cake! I totally agree, Ruthie and Rebecca would make great sisters! :)

  3. I, like you, have been having problems with my doll wish list. Try to eliminate the dolls that are very similar to each other or ones you have. You can always make a few customs that are a mix of two you want.