Friday, August 3, 2012

Interview with Alyssia! :)

Hi people! :D

How are you girls (almost said guys!) doing? I am doing really well! But I am really sore! I had a soccer tryout, they are the best in the state. It is so hard! We have to run 7 miles STRAIGHT a day! We practic four times a week...... Yeah, so that is super hard! :)

One of my new email-pals is Alyssia! :) She is super nice..... You can find her blog HERE! (she has a couple, but this one is my favorite!)

Ok, here we go!

How many dolls do you have?
1. I have 19 dolls.

How did your blog start?2. I started my blog when I found Doll Diaries, and started making crafts on there. After I found a few other blogs, I thought I would love to make my own! 

Name 5 of your favorite blogs!
3. Well, obviously, Yours!
But there are PLENTY more blogs that I love!

Are you excited about Caroline?
4. Yes! I'm so excited!

 What are the thigns you like about my blog?
5. I love your photography, and you are a super nice person! Your blog is so creative too!
Is there anyone else in your family that are interested in dolls?
6. Not really, my older sister used to have 2 dolls, Molly and Felicity, but my best friend loves AG, even though she's not family, but I technically count her as family!
Do you collect AG or play with them?
7. Both! I take pictures of my dolls, make videos, and do their hair, and play with my friends with them, so both.
Anything you would like to say to my readers? :)
8. Thanks for interviewing me! It was fun! :D
Coming up next:
Crafts with Chloe!
Review on AG scrapbook
Have a nice day! :)


  1. Great interview! Also, what is your Etsy shop URL?

  2. I might be creating an Etsy or Zibbet (and add some new things to ours!). Do you have any tips?