Saturday, May 19, 2012

A look at Melody Valerie Couture!


I am back from my cousins house and am excited to do a big post. :D I looked in my Etsy inbox, and found an awesome shop! Melody Valerie!! I wrote to them asking if I could showcase their items, and asked to show them off. ;) Thank you Melody for letting us post this! Here is the post-

Ok, so right now they have two items for sale. ;) They are so lovely! I can totally see my dolls in these enchanting looks....

Daybreak -- a new dress from Melody Valerie Couture

I love the coloring! And the style, it would look great on any doll.

The way they worded this is amazing and so descriptive. :D

"Asymmetrical bands spiral around the Daybreak dress, weaving in and out of each other like the first rays of sunlight slanting across the horizon. A golden, buttery soft rayon combines with a funky stripe and pops of flame-orange silk chiffon. If you look closely, you can see our name, “Melody Valerie,” embroidered across the front of the bodice – and on the back, our signature bow graces the zipper pull. "

Daybreak -- a new dress from Melody Valerie Couture

This is the back picture....

That was lovely! Now for another stunning item...

New Girl -- a new dress from Melody Valerie Couture

I love the cut on this one, it sorta looks 1950s?!?? Bye the way- Emily looks great in this, I love pig-tails on her! :D

"This dress for 18” dolls is our take on the quandary of the New Girl. It’s demure, maybe even a little shy – but once you get to know it, it features some fascinating colors and details, like the tiny Melody Valerie bow tucked away on the back, and the three small mismatched mother-of-pearl buttons marching down the front. Closer inspection yields even more fruit. The main fabric is a deliciously soft silk-blend shirting, and it’s accented with flame-colored silk chiffon. The whole dress is fully lined for a surprisingly luxurious finish, while it closes up the back tidily with an invisible zipper. “New Girl” was stitched up to our high quality standards; like the new girl herself, she’s a jewel that warrants a more thorough investigation.

New Girl -- a new dress from Melody Valerie Couture

You also need to check out their blog, HERE.

Well, there is another fashion post! I hope you like it- I enjoy doing them quite often, because there is always new Etsy thigns coming out that I just NEED to share... =)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Those dresses are so pretty!!! But they are too expensive. :)

  2. Cool! :)
    I like your new look!
    ~ Jess