Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Sale at an Etsy Shop!

Hi Girls-

I hope some of you need a new AG outfit, because I just found this really cute Etsy shop that is having a sale!

Here are some items from her shop!

Striped top, flared/jive skirt dress with shawl for American girl/18" doll 0006

The link:

Cashmere dress with shawl and hat for American girl/18" doll 0025

The link:
Magenta dress with shawl and casual vest for American Girl/18" doll 0009
The link:

She is having a 10% off sale! You can enter this code at check-out: 1SMILE10, she also exepts offers, so make an offer on the outfit you love most! (she needs her items cleared out!)

Thank you "Kinga" for letting us post this!!


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